Flanders Red Hedge Kits

Flanders Red Willow Hedge Kits for sale
: from £6.30/Metre
  • Planting season: December to April.
  • No digging required!
  • Planting Bar included
Should I buy the Weed Kit ?
‘The Weed Kit’ gives you exactly the right amount of Weed Mat and Pegs you need to give your Flanders Red Hedge the best possible start (and years of low maintenance!)… more
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Flanders Red Hedge

3ft Cuttings
Variety: Flanders Red
25cm between Plants

or… Plant an ‘Instant Screen’ Flanders Red Hedge…..

In response to Customer Feedback, we have compiled a new Kit, using extra long 5ft cuttings planted in a single row, 25cm apart.
Planted 1ft deep, leaving 4ft above ground, this provides an instant screen that quickly sprouts into a hedge which begins life already 4ft high.
Like any other hedge it can be trimmed to the height and thickness preferred.
Equally suitable for small and large gardens alike.

'Instant Screen'
Flanders Red Hedge

5ft Cuttings
Variety: Flanders Red
25cm between Plants

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  • An Invoicing service is available for schools, organisations and trade. Please contact us.