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Willow Courses

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Living Willow Day Courses   £75

  •    Suitable for beginners.
  •    Learn a new practical skill.
  •    Ideal winter training for professional gardeners.
  • It is a constant source of amazement just how many creative things you can do with a humble Willow stick.

    Here at The Willowbank we have been working with this versatile material and running courses for over 20 years.

    The emphasis will be “hands on” and by the end of the course each participant will have the skills and confidence to carry on working creatively with this versatile, natural and renewable material.

    a tutor teaching at a willow course

    Living Willow Structure Day Course

    Learn “The Universal Weave”, the technique used to construct all Living Willow Structures.


    a newly cut mature willow pollard

    Grow Your Own Firewood Day

    Learn how to create your own Firewood Plantation for home-grown fuel every year.