The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth
(built for you, by us).

Get lost and found again in the labyrinth.
Simple lines of curved fedge screens enclose a large open space with a central half dome or arbour, ideal for outdoor lunch, hanging out or for teaching/performing.
There are 2 main arched entrances and 3 subsidiary entrances.
It is a deceptively simple design with the option of over 20 different routes in and out but without the danger of getting lost or trapped.
Ideal for small children or in a school setting.

Please contact us (below) for more details and pricing.

Planting season: December to early April.

Full Installation Package
We will supply, deliver and install your Labyrinth for you. Let us do all the work, or you can join in and we’ll teach you the art of installing living willow structures.

Invoicing service available for schools etc, please contact us

  • An Invoicing service is available for schools, organisations and trade. Please contact us (below).