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Willow Wigloo Kits  for sale   from £180

Based on a Dome with a Tunnel entrance, the Classic Wigloo is the perfect place to pack off your peskimos for a picnic.
They may be gone for some time…

Wigloo (2.5m diameter Dome, 1.25m long Tunnel)
Planting season: December to early April.

  • All our DIY kits are suitable for beginners and professionals
  • No digging required!
Standard DIY Kit
Contains graded, bundled and labelled Willow rods with clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions, Flexi-tie and Planting bar. more
Full DIY Kit
As above, but with the addition of Weed mat and Pegs. why do I need that?

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As it says on the tin! We will supply, deliver and install your Wigloo for you. Let us do all the work, or you can join in and we’ll teach you the art of installing living willow structures. More Details

  • An Invoicing Service is available for schools, organisations and trade. Please contact us.