Living Willow Structure Kits

What could be more rewarding than making your own living willow structure? A Fedge Screen perhaps, to improve the view, or a fantasy den to stimulate a child’s imagination (batteries not included) perfect for gardens or schools or a leafy shady arbour where you can relax and watch nature going about her business.
We sell a variety of different Kits that can be built either as ‘Standalone’ structures or combined with each other to form ‘Multispace’ sculptures.

We have over 20 years experience of designing and installing living willow structures. Our tried and tested ‘no dig’ method produces elegant and strong, living willow structures that will grow and thrive year after year.

Beware of imitations! Our kits are a quality product, all the willow rods are graded and selected for each individual kit, come with detailed instructions and clear diagrams and photographs, are easy to follow and are suitable for complete beginners.
We are confident they are the best quality and value for money available!