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Willow Hedge and Windbreak Kits for Sale
from £ 25 for 4 Metres (minimum length of hedge)
We supply 3 different styles of Hedge…
Type 1:       Windbreak  Hedge Kits
Windbreak Hedges are made using the willow variety ‘Salix Viminalis’ which is the toughest and fastest growing willow variety available, typically growing up to 10′ in the first year, and as such, make excellent Windbreaks or Quick Screens.

They are ideal for providing shelter even in the most exposed sites such as high altitude and coastal areas where they can reduce wind speeds by as much as 60% even in the winter! ...More
Type 2:       Chinese Willow  Hedge Kits
The Chinese Willow Hedge  has an abundance of large catkins in the spring which make this appealing for flower arrangers and pollinating insects alike.

Long narrow leaves maintain their fresh spring like appearance all through the growing season turning pale yellow in the autumn.

In Winter, the stems have vivid colours of lime green turning to deep orange at the tips, complemented by intense red buds along the whole stem.
It is simply one of the most attractive variety of willows available.

They are quick and easy to plant (no digging) and usually reach 8ft or more in the first season. They will respond well ...More
Type 3:       Golden  Hedge Kits
The Golden Hedge  is guaranteed to brighten up any garden in the bleak winter months. Planted with Vitellina willow which has bright yellow winter stems with orange tips, it adds welcome colour to those interminable grey winter days.

Long and broad serrated leaves also provide a lush green backdrop in the summer months.

They are quick and easy to plant (no digging) and usually reach 6ft or more in the first season....More
Willow Hedges FAQs
No Digging required!! more
To weed or not to weed?…The single most important factor for good establishment and fast growth of your willow hedge is good weed control in the first season … more
How many rows should I plant?…The thickness of your willow hedge is determined by the number of rows you plant and how light or hard you trim the hedge … more
What is in a Willow Hedge kit?… 3ft long cuttings of the variety you choose, to be planted at 25cm spacings ie. 4 cuttings per m of each row. Metal Planting Bar. Full step by step planting and maintenance instructions. (Weed mat and pegs if you order the optional Weed Kit.)
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