**   OUT OF SEASON   **
* The next Willow Planting Season is Late November 2021- April 2022.
* Orders made now, will be made at This Season’s Prices and put in a queue awaiting dispatch in the New Willow Season.
NB: Due to reduced office coverage over the closed season, Order Confirmation may be delayed.
We offer a wide range of high quality, tried and tested willow products. Create a living Screen, Dome, Tunnel, Den or Arch with one of our DIY living willow structure kits or easier still, take advantage of our complete installation service. You may instead wish to attend one of our popular willow courses now in their 20th year. We’ll even run a course for you in your own garden! …. Feeling exposed? Then one of our fast growing hedge or windbreak kits could provide the answer. We can also provide you with everything you need to grow your own firewood. Perhaps you would like to plant a willow bed in your garden or school for a regular supply of free craft materials or choose your prefered variety of willow from our willow cuttings list. You are also welcome to contact us if you need any help or advice for your willow project.