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Living Willow Specialists
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Living Willow Structure Kits… for Domes, Dens, Woven Fedge Screens, Outside Classrooms, Arches and Tunnels

Plant your own Living Garden Feature; A woven trellis Fedge screen, that can curve through the space, or a Leafy Arbour to sit your garden bench in.
Build your own Natural Play Structures to Re-Wild your Child, or Teach the Class in an outdoor Storytelling Enclosure.
We offer a wide range of high quality, tried and tested willow structure kits that require no digging
(and if you’d prefer us to come and plant it for you, our trained and certified installers can do that too.)

Living Willow Hedge Kits… for the fastest growing Hedges, Screens and Windbreaks

Willow is the fastest growing tree in the UK. It can even be planted with 7 foot Cuttings to provide an ‘Instant’ screen within months. With different Varieties providing different colours, leaves and catkins and Hardy Varieties to withstand even Shetland’s weather, there’s willow hedge to suit any situation.

Long Willow Rods, Whips and Withies… for sale in bundles.

For those who know what they want to build, or just want to do a spot of maintenance, we supply Long Willow Rods for the Job.

Buy Willow Cuttings… 13 varieties in 1′, 2′, 3′ or 4′ lengths.

For those who know what they want to plant, come and browse and buy from our extensive range of willow varieties.

Grow Your Own Firewood… Willow, the fastest growing tree is the best wood to grow for logs and woodburner fuel.

Willow is the fastest growing tree in the UK. Harvest 2 Tonnes of Dry Logs every year from 1/4 Acre. Grown in a traditional Copse system, our kits put fuel independence in reach of smallholders

Grow Your Own Craft Willow… Harvest your own willow every year for weaving, basketry, wreaths and school craft projects.

A traditional willow bed of just 2m x 3.5m will produce over 300 willow whips every year! Never be short of Willow for weaving.

Living Willow Day Courses… Learn to weave living willow structures or how to grow firewood logs .

Learn the Magic Tricks of the incredibly resourceful tree that is Willow… in just a day!

Using Willow for Environmental Protection… Soil Erosion, Flood Control and River Bank Stabilisation using Stakes and Spiling .

Green Bio Engineering is rapidly reclaiming traditional methods of flood and erosion control, using the unique properties of Willow to root into soil in the most difficult circumstances and to survive submersion. What is more, willow remedial work provides unmatched Biodiversity Regeneration. It’s a solution for the times we live in.

Willow Advice… we have over 35 years experience with Living Willow. Come and discuss your willow idea or project with us. We can help! .

Whether it be a large Public Park Feature Maze, an Indoor Park on the 72nd Floor or a Team Bonding Community Fundraising Exercise, we have been involved in helping create a lot of innovative things. That’s why we started working with Willow in the first place: its versatility. Don’t be shy… share your idea with us. We might be able to help you make it happen.